Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety is focused on enforcing and maintaining the safest possible environment with regards to the use of Radioactivity for clinical and research applications at the Weill Cornell Medical College and the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Radiation Safety at WCMC and NYP is overseen and administered by WCMC Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

EHS provides the following Radiation Safety services to WCMC and NYP:

  • Radiation Safety
    • Enforces and oversees the safe use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials in all clinical and research applications.
    • Provides education and training to students, clinicians, scientists, and patients.
    • Performs radiation surveys for sealed sources, laboratory decommissioning, ALARA compliance, and patient monitoring and discharge.
    • Manages laboratory and clinical dosimeter program.
    • Oversight of lead apparel inventory and quality assurance.
    • Provides and maintains Beta and Gamma sample-counting equipment, portal monitoring equipment, and laboratory survey meter equipment.
    • Provides and maintains an iodination core facility.
    • Provides support and services for clinical shielding design.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance - Performs routine tests to assure the optimal, accurate and safe operation of all diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • Central Isotope Laboratory - Controls receipt and distribution of all radioactive materials within the institution.


Environmental Health and Safety