Guide to Becoming a Radioactive Materials Authorized User

Steps to Becoming a Radioactive Material Authorized User:

  • Fill out Radioactive Materials User application & submit it to Radiation Safety.
  • Be approved by WMC-NYPH Radiation Safety Committee.
  • Pay $500 annual fee to Radiation Safety Office.
  • Designate employees in the lab who will be ordering and/or working with radioactivity under the Authorized User whose name is listed on the license.
  • Authorized User & all users under him must complete the Radiation Safety training course and obtain a certificate.
  • Authorized user & personnel register to use eeLims system/ Health Physics core

Applying & Approval:

All P.I.'s who wish to use radioactivity must apply to the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). Only the RSC can approve the use of radioactive materials at Cornell. Approved researchers are prohibited from obtaining isotopes for non-approved researchers. Application can be obtained by contacting the Radiation Safety Office at 746-6964, or downloading a PDF from the Radiation Safety intranet "Forms" page.

Radioactive Materials License Fee:

Maintaining the status of being an authorized user carries a $500 annual fee. The initial fee is due upon your applications approval. Thereafter, on a yearly basis, you will receive an invoice notice generated by the Radiation Safety Office to remind you that your annual fees are due. You may pay your fees electronically by using the Health Physics core site on the eeLIMS website and entering an account number.


All Licensed Users must register on the eeLIMS Health Physics core. Where applicable, a lab manager and lab member(s) using radioactivity must also register. The eeLIMS is an electronic site on which you can request radioactive waste removal, pay your annual license fees, and generate a form for survey meter calibrations. You may contact Alicia Clarens (746-6964) in the Radiation Safety Office for instruction on how to register and use the eeLIMS website.

Radiation Safety Training Certificate:

All Authorized Users and lab personnel who wish to work with Radioactive Materials must take the Radiation Safety Course and obtain a certificate of completion. This course is offered periodically throughout the year and broadcasts announcements are sent via email. You can call the Radiation Safety Office (746-6964) at any time to check on the scheduled dates for classes, or check the class date schedule on the Radiation Safety intranet site. Senior Health Physicist Chris Saganich is in charge of all Radiation Safety Training and you may contact him directly with any questions at 746-6964.

Radiation Safety Annual Refresher Training:

All Cornell personnel working in a laboratory that is authorized to possess radioactive materials are obligated to attend one radiation safety refresher training course each year. The refresher courses are offer periodically during the year. The schedule can be viewed on the Radiation Safety internet site. Researchers who have obtained a training certificate are exempt from the refresher training for the year the certificate was obtained but must attend in subsequent years.