Training Registration Form

To register for training, follow the six steps listed below. Contact EHS with any questions about the registration process.You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration, which will include the location of the training and a link to the EHS Training Schedule page

1. Choose a training title and date

Note, to register for multiple training sessions submit this form, click the "back" button on your web browser, select the next training, and submit again. Check the instructor-led training schedule to see all scheduled training sessions.

2. Enter contact information

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Last Name:
CWID (required for WCMC, NYP, Burke, and Rogosin Students, Faculty, and Staff )*:
* Your CWID is the first part of your email address, before the @. For example, the CWID for a user with the email address is emp1234. You also use your CWID for Medical College online benefits enrollment and for hospital systems, such as Eclipsys, Eagle and Lawson.
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3. Enter any additional comments or questions

4. Submit the information

(a registration confirmation will be sent via email to the address listed above).