Student Government
Medical Student Executive Council


The Medical Student Executive Council, the student government at Weill Medical College, tries to present a unified student voice to the administration to lobby for student concerns and needs. Members of the MSEC meet once a month to pool student opinions from the different classes in addition to attending student meetings with the Deans. Representatives from the MSEC attend the meetings of the General Faculty Council as well as the Executive Faculty Council. The MSEC supports student activities at the medical college. With a budget of $70,000 each year, the MSEC grants over one hundred funding requests to more than seventy student clubs and organizations. This funding makes possible the Spring Shows, the Winter Formal, athletic facility improvement and maintenance, sending club representatives to national conventions, and many special events like concerts, lectures, and guest speakers. In addition to funding student organizations, the MSEC has a broad agenda, which includes addressing topics such as student-faculty interaction, and issues surrounding student life at Weill Medical College including housing, financial aid and security.


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