Advanced Medical Spanish

The Advanced Medical Spanish group meets during the fall semester and teaches students medical terminology and phrases that will be most commonly encountered on the wards. There are two groups based on level of experience, and each works with a fluent instructor who is a native speaker of Spanish. You do not need any experience to be a part of the group and learn medical Spanish!

Cathode Ray Club

The Cathode Ray Club is WCMC’s film and television club, giving you the chance to catch the classic shorts, films, and series you always wanted to see but never had the chance. We organize monthly screenings and discussion for the medical school student body.


The CHEF ED seminar aims to use culinary and nutritional education to help medical students become role models for their future patients. This seminar creates a hands–on, educational environment in which students can learn directly from guest chefs and guest nutritionists how to improve their own health behaviors and how to counsel patients to do so as well.

Cholesterol Mafia

We are a cooking club that teaches how to cook easy, fresh meals, often using seasonal ingredients. Events in the past have taught how to make pizza dough, dumplings, Korean BBQ, Lebanese food, and more.

Fromage Society

Bringing together caseophiles and novices alike to learn about and taste different cheeses, try interesting pairings, and generally foster good cheer and comradeship, the ne plus ultra of any food experience. To inform and to delight (as Horace said of poetry) – these are the twin goals of the Fromage Society

Humanities and Medicine

The Humanities and Medicine group publishes a school literary journal called Ascensus each fall. We also centralize humanities curricular and extracurricular activities and opportunities and produce a pamphlet for students outlining events here. The group acts as a liason to the Liz Claiborne Center for Humanism in Medicine and also organizes events informing and engaging students regarding humanities in medicine and at WCMC. We generally serve as a resource to students looking to integrate the humanities into their medical training.

Medical Mandarin

We are a group that engages medical students to learn common medical mandarin phrases and sentences as well as current cultural issues in order to improve cultural sensitivity as well as gaining the capacity to converse more easily with mandarin speaking patients.

Mixology Interest Group

The goal of the Mixology Interest Group is to introduce and educate medical students about the history and culture of oenology and mixology. This is accomplished with interactive events in which we invite students to share their knowledge and learn from group leaders.

Music and Medicine

The Music and Medicine Initiative encourages medical students, physicians, and musicians to explore the connections between music and medicine through a partnership with The Juilliard School. With the support of Dr. David Shapiro and Dr. Richard Kogan, and a generous gift from the Block Family Foundation, the program sponsors a number of programs including:

  • Large performance groups, including the Music and Medicine Orchestra and Chorus and the Weill Cornell Jazz Ensemble
  • Chamber music program
  • Music lessons from Juilliard students for Weill Cornell students
  • Funding for new musical equipment
  • Opportunities for students to play at graduation at Carnegie Hall and other Weill Cornell events
  • Yearly benefit concerts for organizations such as GHESKIO in Haiti, Kokoro no Care in Japan, and Weill Cornell Community Clinic
  • Mini–concert series and bedside consult service for inpatients at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital in collaboration with the palliative care service
  • Academic seminars and symposia exploring topics such as synesthesia, perfect pitch, and music therapy
  • Seminars on performing arts medicine for Juilliard students
  • Partnerships with New York community organizations such as the Carter Burden Center for Aging, Music That Heals, and Music for Autism

Students are invited to get involved in by participating in various music groups for leisure, using music to give back to the community, and becoming active members of the board. Website: http://weill.cornell.edu/music

Oenology Interest Group

The OIG is a wine interest group that holds tastings and educational events for the medical school community. Those who come by sample product, learn to decode wine labels according to laws governing each region, and most of all learn to appreciate the wide world of wine.

Performing Arts Club

A group for medical students who have a background in the performing arts and would like to stay connected to this during their medical school career. The group holds coffee houses 1–2 times per semester and a musical showcase during Revisit Weekend. These events allow students to put on a variety of performances for their peers in an informal setting. We also worked with the Oenophile Interest Group/Mixology to put together a Coffeehouse/Wine Tasting event.

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