Medical Service

Student Health Service

The following lists represent the services offered by the campus Student Health center. Many of these services are offered at no cost beyond the annual student health fee for matriculated students.

Clinical Services
  • Evaluation and Management of Common Conditions in Primary Care, including "sick visits"

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Contraceptive Counseling and Management

  • Cervical Cancer Screening∗

  • Routine physicals and other preventive services∗

  • Primary Care Mental Health Screening and Treatment

  • Sports Medicine Care

  • Limited pre-Travel consultations

  • Some Immunizations (MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B and Td/Tdap)

  • Allergy shots (after initial consultation with an allergist)

  • Ancillary services, including phlebotomy and a limited number of point–of–care testing such as urine dipsticks and rapid strep throat tests∗

  • Referrals/recommendations to other specialists or testing facilities

∗ = Specimen collection provided at SHS is at no cost to the student, but specimens will be processed and analyzed by our reference lab which will bill the student’s insurance accordingly. Review our Financial Policy.

Occupational Health Services
  • Annual influenza vaccination at no charge

  • Initial evaluation and management of occupational exposures and environmental hazards:

    • Needlesticks

    • Body fluid splashes

    • Respiratory Pathogens

    • Chemical exposures

    • Other conditions as need arises

  • Medical clearance for TB respirators

  • Referral for Forensic Toxicology Screening for certain rotations (service provided by an outside vendor)

  • Work closely with Office of Environmental Health and Safety to ensure student safety training, monitoring and reporting

Compliance Services
  • Annual screening for tuberculosis for students with patient contact

  • Annual health review for students with patient contact

  • Monitoring immunization compliance with state and other regulatory guidelines, as well as those of our affiliated hospitals

  • Completion of elective rotation requests and other clinical or laboratory health clearance forms

  • Disease reporting to government entities as required by law

Our Student Health Center does not offer on-site imaging, medication dispensary or cardiology studies. Prescriptions may be filled at local pharmacies subject to your insurance plan. Laboratory specimens are sent to our primary reference laboratory at New York–Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Center. Imaging referrals are made to New York&nash;Presbyterian Hospital and other local imaging centers subject to your insurance plan.

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