Medical Records

Your Weill Cornell Student Health Record is a physical document maintained on site at the campus student health center. It is confidential and only accessible to the Student Health staff. The following items are included in your health record:

  • Completed Student Health forms
  • Copies of forms completed at or by SHS staff
  • Any appointments and treatments you’ve received at SHS
  • E–mail communications
  • Imaging Reports
  • Immunization summaries
  • Lab reports
  • Phone conversations
  • Any documents received from other doctors/facilities
  • Any release of information forms you’ve signed

The privacy and confidentiality of your records is protected by law. Records are not released to third parties without a signed, written release of information.

Records are kept on site at Student Health until 3 years after you graduate or leave the institution at which time they are moved to a secure storage facility until they are ready for destruction. Records may be destroyed 7 years after graduation/separation under NYS law.

Students requiring records are advised to call the office.

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