Surgery Clerkship

Course Director

Gregory Dakin, M.D.
Telephone: 212.746.5294

Course Coordinator

Vanessa Mejia
Medical Student Coordinator
Department of Surgery
525 East 68th Street, Room F-732, Box 207
New York, NY 10065
Office: (212) 746-9374
Fax: (212) 746-8802

Course Goals

During this clerkship students will learn about "surgical" illnesses; irrespective of the area of medicine chosen for a career, they will be able to diagnose and plan for the care of patients who require surgery. For the specific behavioral and surgical skills that a student should have mastered by the end of the Surgical Clerkship, please click on the “course learning objectives” link in the upper-right.

Course Description

The third-year Surgery Clerkship will consist of a four-week General Surgery rotation at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, a four-week rotation at either New York Hospital of Queens or Lincoln Hospital, and a three-week cycle of elective rotations completed at NYPH.

Student Responsibilities

In the Surgical clerkship, student's responsibilities include:
  1. Devoted participation in surgical team activities
  2. History and physical examination notes on assigned patients
  3. On call availability, to be determined by team leaders
  4. Assigned presentations at conferences on surgical problems, including case outlines and appropriate literature reviews
  5. Active, prepared participation in the operating room
  6. Attendance of lectures and course conferences

Didactic Sessions

There are approximately 10-15 core surgical lectures that will take place during the course. In addition, students will participate in Suturing Workshops and weekly sessions in the Skills Acquisition & Innovation Laboratory. Clerkship students will also attend a weekly case conference with the Department Chairman.

Grading, Evaluation and Examinations

Grading for the twelve week General Surgery experience will be on a Pass, High Pass, Honors basis. Components of your final grade include: team evaluations, oral examination, written examination, and attendance.

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