Introductory Clerkship

Course Goals

The overall goal of Introductory Clerkship is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to enter the major clinical clerkships. For specific course objectives, please click on the "course learning objectives" link in the upper right.

Course Description

The Introductory Clerkship is a three-week course taken at the beginning of the third year immediately prior to entering the clinical clerkships. The course is taught with a combination of lectures and small group case discussions. Students also participate in procedure labs, simulation cases, and small group tutorials with an inpatient preceptor. During the inpatient component of the course, students spend three afternoons in a network hospital, where they see hospitalized patients, write notes, and present their notes to their preceptor.

Student Responsibilities

In the Introductory Clerkship the student responsibilities include:
  1. Attending and participating in all classes and small group sessions.
  2. Attending and participating in all inpatient sessions.
  3. Writing at least one admission note and one progress note.
  4. Studying all assigned on-line materials including videos.
  5. Completing the take home examination at the end of course.

Evaluation and Examinations

At the end of the course, students are given a take-home multiple-choice exam.

The course is graded on a pass-fail basis. No honors grade is given for this course.

Course Director:
Jeremy Sperling, MD

Course Coordinator:
Caryn Davi, MS

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