Medicine Patients and Society II

Course Goals

The goal of the course is to broaden your knowledge of patient assessment and patient care within the context of our health system. Specific goals include:
  • To BEGIN to learn how to interview and examine a patient
  • To introduce you to some important concepts in medicine including the delivery of healthcare, medical ethics, and nutrition
  • To introduce you to the field of public health
Components of the MPS II Course

The course consists of several modules listed below:
  • The Mental Status Examination (Section leader-Dr. Peter M. Marzuk)
  • Physical Diagnosis (Section leader-Dr. Jason S. Kendler)
  • Ethics (Section leader-Dr. Joseph Fins)
  • Public Health Field Trips (Section leader-Dr. Lewis Drusin)
  • Intro to Health Systems (Section leader-Dr. Bruce Schackman)
  • Nutrition (Section leader-Dr. Jonathan Waitman)

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