Pre-Matriculation Curriculum

The purpose behind our pre-matriculation curriculum is threefold: (1) to ensure that all students are prepared to start the first-year curriculum – helping them assess their readiness for the Essential Principles of Medicine (EPOM) course; (2) to provide students a reference for future learning, knowing what specific knowledge areas they may need to "brush up" on; and (3) to help EPOM leadership avoid emphasizing material that students already have covered in their undergraduate training.

To achieve these objectives, all students are asked to complete a series of four on-line assessment quizzes in the summer before their first year of medical training, focusing on Protein Structure and Function, Genetic Processing and Protein Synthesis, Cellular Organization and Energetics, and Genetics and Genomics. Knowledge of this material is fundamental to the many new structures, functions, and processes that students will encounter in medical school as they learn about human structure, physiology, and pathophysiology. Each quiz includes specific learning objectives and online resources that direct students toward the information necessary to realize each objective. In addition to the source material provided, students may consult standard textbooks with which they may be familiar from college courses.

Scores are not entered into students' medical school records; rather, students should use their score for their own personal assessment. In addition, course faulty and faculty mentors are available at the student's request to address any areas of student concern.

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