Sub-Internship in Pediatrics

Locations: New York Presbyterian and New York Hospital Queens

The Sub-internship rotation in Pediatrics helps prepare students to become competent clinicians and humanistic providers. The rigorous curriculum provides ample opportunity to gain hands-on experience through direct patient care, active clinical problem solving, and on-going patient counseling and education. At the conclusion of the rotation, students not only acquire the necessary skills to succeed in residency, but also develop personal and professional qualities that will sustain them throughout their career. The rotation can be helpful to students in their decision to enter Pediatrics as a career.

Students may choose to rotate through their Subinternship in Pediatrics at either NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell or New York Hospital Queens. At both sites, subinterns are fully integrated into the medical team, and work under the direct supervision of a Junior Resident. They carry out the same responsibilities as an intern, actively caring for patients from the time of admission to discharge. They serve as front line care providers for their patients: writing admitting notes and orders, facilitating continued medical workup, monitoring and charting daily progress, formulating and implementing management plans as part of the team, and arranging for discharge and follow-up plans. Students also work with consulting subspecialists and ancillary/supportive services, and attend all learning activities available to house staff. As the primary liaison between patients/families and the medical team, students fulfill an important advocacy role. Subinterns carry between 2-4 patients, and take two Friday overnight and two 24-hour Saturday calls. Not having overnight calls during the week allows subinterns to participate in regularly scheduled learning activities fully; these include Morning Report, Noon Conference, Radiology Rounds, Pediatric Grand Rounds, Professors Round, and Journal Club, in addition to daily work rounds and teaching rounds with the ward attending. Students also meet on a weekly basis with the Sub-I Director, Site Director (NY Hospital Queens) and/or one of three subspecialist faculty members for case-based discussion, bedside teaching, and ongoing feedback. The myriad learning opportunities in the collegial and nurturing climate are intended to allow subinterns to practice skills outlined in the ACGME competency domains.

The Subinternship in Pediatrics is graded on a Pass/Fail basis; final grades take into account performance evaluations from supervising house staff and faculty. In addition to the feedback provided on an on-going basis, students meet with Sub-I Director a couple of weeks after the conclusion of the rotation for exit interviews, when evaluations are discussed. Action plans are formulated to help students plan for the next steps of their professional and personal development, so that they become self-directed, life-long learners. The demands of the rotation allow for few anticipated/scheduled absences (e.g. interviews); students must keep this in mind when scheduling the Pediatric Subinternship. All anticipated absences must be discussed at least a month before the rotation starts.

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