For Students

Course Evaluation describes how students rate the courses and how their feedback is used.

Academic Counseling and Tutoring summarizes the services OCED provides to help students improve their study and test-taking skills, as well as mastering specific course content.

OCED Policies and Procedures provides information on course materials (including hours of the Curriculum Support Center), OCED numbers, methods of communication with students, student transportation, and access to examination answers, grades, and student assessment forms.

iPad Frequently Asked Questions & Policies includes important information and policies regarding the iPad

Honor Code defines, through specific examples, the honor code students are expected to follow during their academic career at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Plagiarism includes definition, examples, and consequences of plagiarism, as well as suggestions on how it can be avoided.

Teaching Elective highlights the teaching elective options for fourth-year students, including course objectives and requirements.

Travel Directions to Network Hospitals provides important travel information for students doing clinical rotations or electives at our network affiliates.

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