For Faculty

Information about Specific Courses lists the topics, dates, and contact person for each of the basic science and clinical courses/clerkships in our four-year curriculum.

Teaching Opportunities by Role identifies the various teaching roles faculty assume at WCMC, including a brief description of the role, type of course the role is primarily found (basic science, MPS, clerkship), time commitment, and any prerparation and/or grading responsibilities.

Teaching Opportunities by Department lists suggested teaching roles/courses that faculty within specific indivdual departments might assume.

Teaching Opportunities by Course describes the activities, faculty responsibilities, and time frame for each teaching opportunity within each of the basic science and clinical courses/clerkships.

Curriculum Mapping (CurrMap) explains how teaching faculty provide data on the objectives and content of their individual teaching sessions to allow curriculum content to be searched and identified for redundancies and gaps.

Student Feedback on Courses and Individual Faculty explains how basic science and MPS faculty may access overall course evaluations via a secure website, as well as viewing personal teaching evaluations through the E-Value system.

Faculty Development at Weill Cornell highlights how OCED assists faculty in enhacing their teaching skills through Curriculum Retreats, PBL training, support for regional and national programs, one-on-one consultation, student and course evaluations, and electronic and audiovisual resources.

External Faculty Development Programs describes selected national programs and organizations offering faculty development programs.

Medical Education Scholarship and Research identifies numerous funding sources for medical education projects.

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