Essential Principles of Medicine

In the first segment of the curriculum (Fall of Year 01), Essential Principles of Medicine students learn the core concepts in the three fundamental themes of Science, Patient care and Physicianship required for the practice of medicine.
  • Science domains acquaint students with basic science principles.
  • Patient care teaches clinical skills.
  • Physicianship focuses on professionalism, ethics and humanism.
Essential Principles of Medicine fuses scientific and clinical learning, and is organized into several units (dates are current for Class of 2020, links to each unit are found in the right column):
  • Pharmacology (Week 1)
  • Genetics (Weeks 2 - 4)
  • Cells, Tissues & Control Systems (Weeks 4 - 8)
  • Metabolism & Nutrition (Weeks 9 - 11)
  • Injury, Infection, Immunity & Repair (Weeks 11 - 15)
  • Neoplasia (Weeks 16 & 17)
  • Anatomy (Weeks 1-16)
  • Patient Care & Physicianship (Weeks 1-17)
Each unit is directed by a Unit Leader, and incorporates a variety of educational methods including problem-based learning, "Flipped classrooms", longitudinal patient experiences, clinical skills workshops, office preceptorships, anatomic dissection, interactive sessions, small-group discussions and lectures.

Course Directors
Domenick J. Falcone, PhD
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Lonny R. Levin, PhD

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