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Throughout medical school at WCMC, students are encouraged to explore and investigate many aspects of medicine, including laboratory science, clinical practice, population research, health information technology, medical education, culture, art, and history. A key component of the curriculum reform provides dedicated time designed to enrich the medical school experience by requiring each student to select an Area of Concentration in which to obtain in-depth knowledge, skills, and a scholarly effort. Student (with the exception of the MD-PhD students) will be required to identify an Area of Concentration (AOC), which is a broadly defined topic area, typically, but not necessarily, interdisciplinary in nature. Students will receive guidance as they "shop around" for an AOC that interests them; they will be able to choose from a menu of topic areas or customize a unique topic area tailored to his or her individual interest. Those who wish to design their own AOC may do so with the stipulation that they identify a willing faculty member or faculty group to sponsor and oversee that AOC.

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