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Research Opportunities

Most of us are involved in some type of research during our time at WCMC. To what extent we do this depends on personal preferences. Furthermore, the type of research we do varies from traditional lab bench, to public health, to clinical trials, to computer modeling, to translational animal research. We can take it slow or we can take a leave of absence and work full time on research.

The number of research projects going on is large, and the number of researchers far outweighs that of medical students. Thus, it is not only easy to find a lab but there is a very close connection between investigators and students. PIs are always looking for cheap, intelligent and interested labor; we are seeking the opportunity to learn and be in daily contact with faculty who are doing cutting edge research.

The great advantage here is that we have access to five leading research institutions: WCMC, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (, Rockefeller University (, the Hospital for Special Surgery ( and New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell (

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