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Class Composition

WCMC seeks to develop a heterogeneous student body by selecting highly qualified applicants from diverse academic, geographic, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. Many students majored in liberal arts during their undergraduate studies, and many are older students who have had life experiences outside their formal studies. While the composition of the class varies from year to year, the profile for the class entering in 2014 is as follows:

Student profile: Class Entering in 2014

Men 50
Women 51
Age range 20-34 years;
mean 23.9 years
Underrepresented in Medicine 18
MD/PhD candidates 18
Colleges represented 59
Median science GPA 3.84
Science majors 60
Non-science majors 27
Double Major, Science/Non-science 14
US citizens or permanent residents 97
Non-US citizens 4
Educationally or Economically Disadvantaged 22
Earned bachelor's degree before 2014 71
Earned advanced degree 11
Applications received 6372
Applicants interviewed 786
Matriculants 101

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