Important Information for Teachers and Students


All teachers in the Medical College (full-time, part-time, voluntary faculty, post-doctoral fellows, residents, and graduate students) and all students are expected to be familiar with certain key policy statements and academic regulations. These include:
  1. WCMC mission statement (located on bar at right)
  2. Major academic regulations (located on bar at right) especially the honor code; use of computers, networks, and e-mail; student duty hours and attendance standards; the teacher-learner environment; and policies for leaves of absences and religious observances.

In addition, please familiarize yourself with the WCMC's school-wide educational objectives (located on right) and with the learning objectives of the specific course in which you are enrolled. These can be found by accessing the course pages at the following URL: “Course learning objectives” can be clicked on in the upper right of each course page. If you teach WCMC-Qatar students, please read the document on the right " Guiding Principles for the Educational Activities at WCMC in Qatar by the WCMC Faculty in New York."

You should also be aware of how to contact student health in an emergency, particularly in the case of needle stick injuries or exposure to blood and bodily fluids (see right). Important contact information for emergencies, administration, and course directors can also be accessed through this page (see right).

Other Useful WCMC Educational Sites

Medical Education Task Force Recommendations, Approved 2007

  1. Faculty Member's Teaching-Mentoring Requirement
  2. Course Director Transition
  3. Course Leadership Compensation
  4. Faculty Recruitment for Teaching Activities

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