Guidelines for Use of Computers, Networks, Email

The Medical College’s computers, network systems equipment, data and software are a critical portion of the Medical College’s infrastructure and are to be treated accordingly.

Students and faculty are responsible for their actions when using the Medical College’s computers, electronic communications and network systems, whether or not their transgressions are intentional, accidental and/or can be corrected.

Users of Medical College computers and network systems shall:
  1. Respect the privacy of other users' information, whether or not the information is securely protected.
  2. Respect the ownership and intellectual property rights of proprietary and commercial software, including not using unauthorized copies of software even where the software may not be copy protected.
  3. Respect the finite capacity of a computer system and limitations of use so as not to interfere unreasonably with the activity of other users.
  4. Respect procedures (posted in computer facilities and/or online) established to manage use of the computer system.
  5. Respect the rights of others not to be harassed, intimidated, or otherwise receive intrusive or inflammatory information through the computer system.
  6. Respect the Medical College’s policies regarding the use of computers as specified by the Office of Academic Computing (OAC).

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