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Regulatory Knowledge and Support

The tripartite mission of this core is Support, Integration, and Education. Through the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC), the partner institutions along the Avenue and other participating institutions plan to build upon their experience and their history of collaboration, to provide direct support, assistance and consultation to the research facilitators and researchers, share best practices, develop innovative programs to streamline the regulatory processes needed to facilitate translational research between and among participating institutions, strengthen subject safety and autonomy, improve and expand training and educational programs available to their research communities in general and the CTSC in particular.

  1. Support: Provide regulatory and compliance support, including one-on-one consultation and assistance to the CTSC researcher and research teams, in order to satisfy regulatory obligations and reduce the researcher’s regulatory burden.
  2. Integrate: Integrate resources, enhance cooperation and streamline processes between and among collaborating institutions and their regulatory oversight committees, while ensuring that the rights and welfare of all research subjects and the integrity of the data are protected.
  3. Educate: Develop and deliver integrated education and training for researchers, faculty, staff, trainees, subjects, regulatory committee members, and the public served by these research institutions on the issues related to the Responsible Conduct of Research.