Accessing Ohmage


Application process:

  1. If your study has already been approved by the CTSC, no application is needed
  2. If your study has not yet been reviewed by the CTSC and Ohmage is the only CTSC resource being requested, use our Short Application for REDCap/Ohmage.
  3. If you are requesting Ohmage AS WELL AS other CTSC resources:


Ohmage:  is an open-source smartphone data collection application that allows for data capture through inquiry-based surveys and physical activity monitoring using smartphone onboard sensors. Collected data are time stamped, geocoded, and uploaded to a secure server for analysis and visualization using an intuitive web based dashboard.  Data can then be further exported to statistical packages for more purposeful analysis. For further information, please visit

How can I use Ohmage?

Researchers can use Ohmage to extend participant monitoring and data collection beyond the traditional methods.

  • Data can be collected on participant’s health behaviors, such as diet, stress, sleep, or exercise on a daily or weekly basis.  Ohmage also enables participants who have gone through a medical procedure to report symptoms and functional status in real time. Each participant can download the Ohmage app to his\her Android or iOS smartphone and answer surveys developed by researchers for a particular protocol.
  • Physical activity data can also be captured by downloading the Mobility app which uses the smartphone's onboard sensors to track whether an individual is stationary, walking, running, or driving.

Please contact Hamzad Persaud, MSEd for more information or a live demo on this service.


Slides from Ohmage Presentaion on Friday, November 14, 2014.