Accessing Nutrition Services for Research


Application Process:

  1. If your study has been approved through an externally peer-review process, use our Expedited Application for Externally Peer-Reviewed and Approved Studies.
  2. If your study has not had prior peer review and approval, use our Full Research Application.

Nutrition Research & Services

The Nutrition Research Core of the Clinical and Translational Resource Unit (CTRU) is comprised of the nutrition manager, a senior research dietitian, support staff, and a metabolic kitchen. The Core is capable of implementing a number of nutrition research methods in support of clinical investigations. In addition to the specially equipped metabolic kitchen the Core owns a metabolic cart, a bioelectrical impedance device, and anthropometric measurement equipment. Nutrition Core computers also have updated nutrient analysis programs to facilitate special diet planning and dietary analysis. The manager and senior dietitian are experts in nutrition research design and methodology and serve as consultants and collaborators to clinical investigators within the CTSC community.

Research Method Services

  • Nutrition research design consultation
  • Anthropometric measurements, e. g. skin fold, muscle
  • Bioelectrical impedance measurement (of body composition)
  • Indirect calorimetry measurement (of energy requirement)
  • Dietary assessment (individuals and groups)
  • Research diets including weighed, controlled and balance diets