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Title: Home-Delivered Therapy for Depressed Elders

PI: Dimitris Kiosses, PhD

Institution: Weill Cornell Medical College

IRB#: 1003010941

IRB Expiration Date: 1/26/2012

Study Description: Among older adults the combination of depression, cognitive impairment (memory problems), and disability contribute to a worsening of physical and mental health and to poor treatment outcomes. Antidepressants help fewer than 40% of depressed elders with memory problems achieve remission from their depression. Interventions involving taking therapy are underdeveloped and understudied. Therefore, this research study will test the efficacy of Problem Adaptation Therapy (PATH), a new home-delivered psychosocial intervention for elders with major depression, memory problems, and disability. PATH focuses on the subject's "ecosystem" (the patient, the caregiver, and the home-environment) and targets behavioral problems related to both depression and disability.

PATH is delivered in a subject's home, where cognitively impaired, disabled elders face most of their difficulties. All participants will have an available caregiver (family, significant other, or professional) and will be randomized to 12 weekly sessions of PATH or Supportive Therapy, the current standard of care for talking therapy. The study will test whether home-delivered PATH is more effective than home-delivered Supportive Therapy in reducing the subjects' depression and disability and in increasing self-efficacy over the 12-week treatment period.

Involvement: Therapy Sessions

Age: 65+ years

Eligibility: Depression and memory problems

Commitment: 12 weekly therapy sessions and follow-up visits over a total of 24 weeks

Compensation: Up to $200

Contact: Timothy Clark at 914-997-4331 or 1-800-697-1902

Sponsor(s): National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)