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Title: Study of Genetic and Dietary Effects on Diabetes and Heart Disease

Study Description: Individuals of South Asian descent suffer from heart disease and diabetes at high rates.  Genetic differences may exist in the change of dietary sugar into fats among people of different ethnic backgrounds that may explain the differences in rates of these common diseases.

Involvement: Review of medical history by telephone and in the research center, including personal questions such as illegal drug use and HIV infection, physical exam, urine test, blood draws before and after drinking a sweet beverage

Age: 18-35 years

Eligibility: South Asian or Caucasian ancestry, good health, on no medications, normal weight, non-smoking

Commitment: 2 visits over 3 months

Compensation: Up to $150

Contact: Darwin Bernardez at (626) 962-8313 or

Sponsor(s): The Rogosin Institute