(Each mentor's letter not to exceed 3 pages)

Please provide a detailed mentoring plan for the Candidate that describes the approaches to be used such as frequency of one-on-one and group meeting; oral scientific presentations; instruction on how to critically evaluate the literature and experimental design; training in scientific writing (e.g., grant proposal preparation, manuscripts, and abstracts); designing experiments, etc. Plans to enhance the candidate's research capabilities should include:

  1. Specific skills to be acquired during the mentoring experience
  2. Milestones that will be reached during the mentoring experience (e.g., acquisition of preliminary data, new research skills, presentation of research findings at local/national meetings, and publications)
  3. Describe how the Candidate will be supported and guaranteed protected time, including how they will ensure that the project will be done in a timely manner
  4. Opportunities to interact with research team; The role of other investigators who will contribute to the research mentoring should be described in the application
  5. The mentoring plan must include guidance in the ethical conduct of research (including training in animal and human subjects' protection, if applicable)
  6. A plan to acquire presentation and publication skills, and participation in poster or oral presentations in at least one scientific meeting during the award period
  7. A plan on how opportunities will be provided for the Candidate to participate in writing and publishing scientific papers
  8. Describe any planned outside laboratory experiences or collaborations for the Candidate
  9. How this experience will help the candidate move toward achieving her/his stated career goals
  10. Mentors and candidate must provide a projected time line delineating specific research milestones and other activities that will be undertaken in an attempt to secure independent research funding (i.e., anticipated publications, grantsmanship, timeframe for grant submissions and type of independent research support the candidate seeks)
  11. Mentors should provide evidence of mentoring experience and success. Please provide a list containing: (1) Current Trainees, (2) Past Trainees (≤ 10 years). For each of the individuals listed, please provide their current positions and name of institution, outcomes of the prior trainees. Describe how these prior mentoring experiences influenced the development/mentorship plan proposed for the current candidate

Reference NHLBI mentoring guidelines