Clinical and Translational Science Center



Similar to the NIH process, each proposal is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers for scientific merit based on translational focus and significance. The following criteria are taken into consideration:

  • Scientific Merit of Proposed Research (Master's Degree Candidates only)
  • Candidate's quality (career statement, potential for future funding and publication, publication/presentation background, and quality of research experience)
  • Research team – new collaborations are strongly encouraged. If this is not a new collaboration, is there strong evidence of a new direction for an existing team? Are the investigators well-qualified to undertake the project?
  • Departmental Commitment – Letter from division/department head ensuring protected time for the MS candidate's research project, or approval for the Certificate candidate to attend classes
  • Letters of recommendation:
      For Advanced Certificate candidates: letters of recommendation must come from professors or other professionals in a position to judge the applicant's preparation and fitness for graduate work in the proposed program of study

      For Master's Degree candidates: letters of recommendation must come from mentors and include the Mentorship Plan (see Requirements for Mentoring Plan)
  • The following areas receive additional priorities for their special relevance to the CTSC mission:
      Projects aimed at improving and/or accelerating multidisciplinary clinical and translational research.

      Emphasis on drug discovery, targeted therapeutics, biomarker or device development, and incubating novel technologies

      Women's Health

      Pediatric studies


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