Purpose: The one-year curriculum will provide trainees a thorough understanding of biostatistics, clinical research methodology, research ethics and regulatory issues governing research on human subjects.

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A. Required Sections in ePAR - Complete all fields. Completed
1. Trainee Application Form - Click on your current legal status to proceed.

  1. Application Title: Please enter your research project title.
  2. Personnel and demographic information.
  3. Click on [add] and fill in required information (be sure to repeat this process for each individual entry under each heading):
    • eRA Commons Username: If you do not have one or do not know what your username is, please contact Natalie Varriale ( in the grants and contracts office.
    • Mentor – Click the blue [Add] button and include all of the institutional information for your mentor
    • Career Goals – Enter your selection (Academic Faculty, Private Practice or Other – If Other, please specify) in the text box.

2. Biosketches: Upload a PDF of the NIH required New Biosketch Format for the applicant and mentors. CV's are not acceptable.

B. Supporting Documents – Required Attachments Uploaded as individual PDF files in the order indicated below.  

1. Research Abstract – 250-400 word abstract of the trainee's research (minimum 200 words)

2. Letter of Nomination from Program Director: This letter must be signed by the program director and be on department letterhead and must include the nominee's name, title, and department and indicate that the trainee will be granted protected time to complete the program.

3. Letter of Support from Mentor: Please use the downloadable form included on the Supporting Documents page of the online application.

4. Proof of Legal Status: Please submit verification for citizenship (scanned copies acceptable):

  • US Citizen: U.S. Passport, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, or Naturalization Certificate.
  • Non-Citizen National: a notary's signed statement certifying that you have legal verification of such status.
  • Lawfully Admitted Permanent Resident: Permanent Resident Card (USCIS Form I-551).

C.To Submit Your Application  
1. Return to the Trainee Application Status page. If you, you have completed all of the application requirements there will be a blue Submit Button, click this button to submit. If the application is still listed as incomplete click on the [completeness check] link on the left hand side of the application, this list the sections of the application that are not complete.



For a printable PDF of the RFA Click here