Expedited Short Form 3: Short Application for REDCap

The CTSC is pleased to be able to offer research data management services, including both REDCap and REDCap/Survey to any interested investigator throughout the CTSC partner institutions. To access these resources, you will need to complete the following easy steps:

  1. Contact Jessie Lee, MS, Research Data Management Project Manager (212-746-4748) to discuss your study's data management needs. At this time, you can also discuss any specialized programming or customizations needed, and determine whether appropriate resources are available.
  2. After this initial meeting, submit your official REDCap or REDCap/Survey request by connecting to ctsc.med.cornell.edu/ApplyREDCap. You will be asked a small set of questions about your project. The requested information is needed by the CTSC for tracking purposes, which will help to ensure continued funding for REDCap and the other CTSC resources available for your research.
  3. Proceed with setting up your REDCap database or survey as discussed at your initial meeting. Contact Jessie Lee, MS is available to assist throughout this process.