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Application Process Overview

Resource Applications

The CTSC offers a variety of Services and Resources to support clinical and translational research. Investigators can request these resources at any time using our electronic protocol authoring and review system (ePAR). Shortened applications with expedited scientific review ("expedited short forms") are available for studies meeting certain criteria, with a turnaround time of five business days. Resource application types are described below.

  1. Full Resource Application. Projects that are requesting use of CTSC patient care resources (inpatient/outpatient units, nutrition research and services, and/or research ancillary support) and have not been previously peer-reviewed and approved submit a full resource application which undergoes full committee review by the Translational Research Advisory Committee (TRAC). These applications are accepted on a rolling basis and review decisions are made at monthly TRAC meetings.
  2. The following applications undergoing expedited scientific review include:
    1. Externally Reviewed and Approved Protocol Applications – for protocols that have already undergone external scientific peer review, either through a government or well established foundation grant application. 
    2. Core Component Use Only Application - for protocols that require only use of one or more CTSC Component services (e.g. Core Lab, Biostatistics, subject recruitment assistance with no participant interaction, and REDCap data management services).
    3. Data Management Services Only Application (REDCap or Ohmage)– protocols desiring ONLY use of REDCap or Ohmage for data management.