Expedited Short Form 2:Core-Only Application

A shortened application with expedited scientific review is available for IRB- or IACUC-approved (as appropriate) studies requesting access to any combination of the following resources:

Note that studies requesting any of the above resources IN COMBINATION WITH patient care-related resources (inpatient/outpatient units, nutrition services, and/or research ancillary support) must use either the Full Resource Application or the Expedited Application for Externally Peer-Reviewed and Approved Studies.


Before You Apply

We strongly encourage investigators to contact the CTSC as early as possible for information about CTSC resources and for assistance in preparing the application.

  • Our Translational Research Support Team (TREST) can provide personalized assistance throughout the application process and can provide information on additional CTSC resources available for your research.
  • Prior to submitting your application, please contact representatives of the requested cores (as listed below) to discuss your plans and ensure the availability of the requested resources.

The input provided by these groups can help to ensure a quick turnaround time in the review of your application.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted through the electronic Protocol Authoring and Review system (ePAR). To initiate an application, please connect to:


You will be asked to answer a small set of basic questions about your planned study, including PI name, study title, and resources you are requesting from the CTSC. Once this information has been submitted, your new application (including user ID/password if you are a new user) will be enabled within several business hours. You will be notified by e-mail when this process is complete, and you can then log in to the system to complete and submit your application.

After all sections of the application have been completed, you should click the "Run Completeness Check" link in the electronic system. Certain types of incomplete information will prevent you from submitting your protocol (shaded in yellow or beige); others will only generate warning messages. Please contact Juan Cordero, MD (Protocol Review & Regulatory Manager) if you have any questions about the messages returned by the Completeness Check routine. If you experience any problems the electronic system or have suggestions for improvements, please contact Elizabeth Wood, Director of the Core Informatics Group, at eawood@med.cornell.edu.

When your application is complete (or appropriate waivers have been granted by the Protocol Review Coordinator), you may submit it by clicking the "Submit" button on the Application Status Page in ePAR.

The Review Process

Shortly after you submit your application, it will be scheduled for review. You can view your application's status at any time by logging in to ePAR. The review will proceed as follows:

  • Your application undergoes administrative review for completeness of fields and mandatory documents.
  • The application is sent for review to:
    • Appropriate Core Director(s)
    • CTSC Administration
  • Reviewers consider feasibility of the request, including resources required and costs associated with project and include any issues or concerns in their reviews.
  • Reviewer submits review in ePAR and enters recommendation:
    • Approved
    • Approved pending response or revision
    • Deferred

For Core-Only Applications allow about five business days for approval of your requested services and about five business days for scientific review. After this time, you will hear from the Protocol Review Coordinator regarding the outcome of the review:

  • If there are questions, they will be sent to you for
  • If there are no questions, you will receive notification of approval and a message to contact appropriate CTSC personnel who can help you get started with accessing resources.
  • Once the protocol is approved, IRB or IACUC application and approval letters must be submitted via ePAR before CTSC resources can be accessed.