CTSC Resource Applications

The CTSC offers a wide array of Services and Resources for your research. Investigators wishing to utilize resources are encouraged to submit their requests using the CTSC's electronic Protocol Authoring and Review (ePAR) system. Resource utilization applications are accepted on a rolling basis. (In contrast, Seed Funding Applications and Training Applications are accepted at selected times, normally in December and January of each year, in response to specific RFAs.)

Before You Apply

We strongly encourage investigators to contact the CTSC as early as possible for information about CTSC resources and for assistance in preparing the application.

  • Our Translational Research Support Team (TREST) can provide personalized assistance throughout the application process.
  • Consult with the CTSC biostatistician before finalizing your research plan.
  • If your study is requesting use of CTSC data management resources (REDCap) please contact Jessie Lee (Research Data Management Project Manager) prior to submitting your application.
  • If your protocol is industry-initiated, you must contact Dilcia Grenald before initiating your application.

The input provided by these groups can help to ensure a quick turnaround time in the review of your application.

Application Options

Expedited short form options are available for studies that have already been approved via an external peer review process and those with limited resource requests. The Full Resource Application is available for studies requesting research patient-related services including inpatient and outpatient units, nutrition research and services, and/or research ancillary support, with or without requests for other resources such as research data management and core laboratory services. The following table provides information on resource access based on prior peer review/approval and specific resource needs.

Resource(s) required Studies with prior peer review and approval Studies WITHOUT prior peer review and approval
Any or all of the following:
Access and contact information can be obtained by clicking
on the desired resource.
Either or both of the following:
REDCap-only short form
Any combination of the following:
Core-only short form
Any combination of the following:
Full Resource Application Expedited Short Form for Externally Peer Reviewed and Approved Studies


After Approval

Use of CTSC resources of any kind comes with several responsibilities as directed by our funding agency, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the NIH. In particular:

  1. Please acknowledge the CTSC grant (UL1 TR000457-06) in all publications resulting from research supported in whole OR IN PART by the CTSC. Continued funding of the CTSA program depends upon the NIH's ability to show productivity in the form of scholarly publications.
  2. In accordance with the NIH's Public Access Policy, all journal articles resulting from research supported by the CTSC must be submitted to PubmedCentral. It is important to ensure, at the time the paper is submitted to a journal, that your publishing agreement allows the paper to be posted to PubMed Central.