Research Design and Biostatistics

Given the diversity of scientific expertise and research activities within and among the Clinical and Translational Science Center partner institutions, the Research Design and Biostatistics Core (RDBC) was designed to support a large number of trans-institutional projects encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines. Its principal objective is to provide biostatistical resources for the design and conduct of studies within the Clinical and Translational Science Center. Through the integration of the diverse statistical resources already available across the partnering institutions, the specific aims of this core are to:

  • Provide a scientific and administrative structure that supports investigators from diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide high-quality consultation in research design and biostatistical analysis
  • Train and mentor laboratory and clinical investigators in the quantitative aspects of research
  • Support methodological research for development of novel research design, advancement of efficient analysis methods, and enhancement of statistical software


Paul J. Christos, Dr.P.H., M.S.
Director, Research Design and Biostatistics Core
Associate Research Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research
Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Tel: (646) 962-8018
Fax: (646) 962-0281

Participating Members

Paul J. Christos, DrPH, Director (WCMC)
Karla Ballman, PhD (WCMC)
Samprit Banerjee, PhD (WCMC)
Linda Gerber, PhD (WCMC)
Xi Kathy Zhou, PhD (WCMC)
Yize Zhao, PhD (WCMC)
Iván Díaz, PhD (WCMC)
Davide Risso, PhD (WCMC)
Alex Savenko, PhD (WCMC)
Zhengming Chen, PhD, MS (WCMC)
Gülce Askin, MPH (WCMC)
Xian Wu, MPH (WCMC)
Hanhan Wang, MS (WCMC)
Elizabeth Mauer, MS (WCMC)
Clara Oromendia, MS (WCMC)
Kartikey Grover, MS (WCMC)
Debra D’Angelo, MS (WCMC)
Yao Lu, MS (WCMC)
Jaya Satagopan, PhD, Co-Director (MSKCC)
Stephen Lyman, PhD, Co-Director (HSS)
Weigang Qiu, PhD, Co-Director (Hunter College School of Urban Public Health)
Yuelin Li, PhD (MSKCC)
Huong Do, MS (HSS)
Joseph Nguyen, MS (HSS)


Subject Area Experts Consulted as Needed

Martin Wells, PhD (Cornell University-Ithaca)