Innovation IncubatorFostering New Research Ideas and New Methodologies

Recognizing the importance of novel ideas and new methodologies as the starting point in the research pipeline, creative strategies were designed to expedite the development of new tools and methodologies for research and patient care. Initiatives were developed to foster new concepts and new ideas for implementation, and to test innovative methodologies through pilot and proof-of-concept studies. It is anticipated that some of the novel methodologies and tools that are developed will result in the creation of new technical cores within our institution and beyond, while others will provide opportunities to enhance patient care through partnerships with industry. The specific aims of this initiative are to:

  • Promote the generation of novel ideas by breaking down traditional silos and enhancing communication among institutions and disciplines
  • Vet, support and test novel ideas in translational methodologies
  • Incorporate relevant novel technologies into CTSC technical cores
  • Accelerate promising technologies into clinical and commercial application for improvement of patient health