WCMC Recruitment Process

  1. Apply: Please apply for an open non-academic position at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) using our applicant tracking system - Taleo. Once you have completed the application process you will receive a confirmation email stating your application has been received. Only applicants who meet the qualifications for an open position will receive a phone call from an in person interview
  2. Interviews: Interviews are conducted by the Human Resources Department and the specified department. You may meet with each department individually or together as a panel interview.
  3. Offer/Acceptance: All offers to an open non-academic position are extended by the Human Resources Department. Once an offer is verbally accepted a written confirmation will be sent to your attention stating your new department, salary and start date.
  4. Medical and Background Screening: Once an offer is accepted, a medical screening is scheduled for you at our Workforce Health and Safety facility. While this is required for all new employees, some positions will require a pre-employment medical screening and others will be scheduled after your start date.

    Employees located in Joint Commission space or those working with animals are also subject to a background screening. This screening consists of a criminal, education and employment verification.
  5. Onboarding and Orientation: As one of our most valuable assets we want to make sure you are successful in your new position. Therefore, the first day and a half of your employment at WCMC, you will be attend Orientation. Orientation will help provide you with an overview of the organization and assist you in getting up to speed quickly.

    A Human Resources representative will schedule you for Orientation and provide you with the necessary logistics.