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Bloomingdale Asylum/Bloomingdale Hospital

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center/Westchester Division
Westchester Division of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Note: Institutional records are closed for research until 25 years after their date of creation. See Patient Medical Records for information regarding patients.

Below is a partial list of archival holdings.

Administrative Records:

Annual Reports, 1827-1964
Financial Records, 1816-1843, 1857-1870, 1874-1938
State Commission of Lunacy, 1839-1858, 1891-1912
Warden's Office, 1829-1894

Other Records:

Bloomingdale Hospital Laboratory, historical survey, 1933
Bloomingdale Hospital School of Nursing, 1897-1934
Monday Night Seminars Papers, 1932-1963
Occupational Therapy, pamphlets and reprints, 1916-1944
Petitions regarding the opening up of 116th Street through Bloomingdale grounds, 1889
Press Releases and Clippings, 1983-2000
Publications, 1963-1982
Records, 1950s-1980s
Reports, Physicians, 1849-1852
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