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Historical Timeline

1769 Dr. Samuel Bard makes an appeal to the citizens of New York City for the establishment of the city's first hospital.

1771 – King George III of England grants royal charter to "The Society of the Hospital in the City of New York in America." Later changed to The Society of the New York Hospital.

1776-1783 – The hospital is opened for colonial soldiers wounded while defending New York City. Hospital is used as barracks by the British Soldiers while they occupied New York City.

1791 – New York Hospital opens to civilians .

1799 – The Lying-In Hospital of the City of New York, the first to provide obstetrical care for women in New York City is established. (In the early 1800s, the hospital is affiliated with New York Hospital.

1821 – New York Hospital continues its care of the mentally ill, which started in 1792 by opening the Bloomingdale Asylum in Morningside Heights. (Later the site of Columbia University).

1823 – New York Asylum for Lying-In Women is founded.

1854 – The Nursery for the Children of Poor Women, the first nursery in New York City, opens on St. Mark's Place.

1865 – New York Infant Asylum Is chartered and opens at 106th Street.

1869-1870 – From January-May 1869 patients are moved to the South Hospital Building. (New York Hospital's facility for the seamen). The North House and Main Buildings are demolished. The hospital operates out of the South Hospital Building until February 1870. The South Hospital is razed and the property is sold.

1875 New York Hospital opens the House of Relief, a sub-station for emergency care on Chambers Street The House of Relief later opens a facility on Hudson Street in 1894.

1877 – In March, New York Hospital opens new building on West 15th and 16th Streets. New York Hospital Training School for Nurses is established.

1894 – Bloomingdale Asylum moves to White Plains.

1898 Cornell University Medical College is established .

1905 – Manhattan Maternity and Dispensary opens at 327 East 60th Street.

1907 – New York Hospital opens Campbell Convalescent Cottages.

1913 – New York Hospital and Cornell University Medical College established an affiliation agreement.

1927 – In June, New York Hospital and Cornell University signed agreement leading to the formation of New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center.

1928 – Lying in Hospital and Manhattan Maternity and Dispensary signed Agreements with New York Hospital to form the departments of Ob/GYN and pediatrics, respectively.

1932 – In September, New York Hospital- Cornell Medical Center opens.

1934 – New York Nursery and Child Hospital is merged into the medical Center.

1942-1945 – Ninth General Hospital consisting of hospital staff is deployed in the South Pacific.

1952 – Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences is established.

1979 – Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing closes.

1997 Greenberg Pavilion is dedicated in April. In December, New York Hospital merges with Presbyterian Hospital to form NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

1998 – Cornell University Medical College changes its name to Joan and Sanford I Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

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