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New York Nursery and Child's Hospital

New York Nursery and Child's Hospital was founded in 1910 through the consolidation of Nursery and Child's Hospital and New York Infant Asylum. It maintained buildings at Lexington Avenue and 51st Street and at Amsterdam Avenue and 61st Street until 1913, when the Amsterdam branch was expanded and the Lexington branch was closed.

Like its predecessors, New York Nursery and Child's Hospital focused its attention on the care of women and children. It maintained a lying-in hospital, a hospital for sick children, a nursery and home for foundlings and poor children, a boarding-out service to place children in homes, an obstetrical department for at-home care, and a training program for nurses and nursery maids. It also continued the tradition of annual charity balls for fundraising, which was started in 1856 by Nursery and Child's Hospital.

In 1934, New York Nursery and Child's Hospital merged with New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, with the exception of its foster home department, which continued functioning separately.

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