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LGBT Inclusion at Weill Cornell

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating in this video highlighting the importance of LGBT inclusion in medicine and academia. It was filmed in conjunction with the first annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference, held at Hunter College.

At Weill Cornell, we want all of our patients, including those who are LGBT, to receive the best care possible and to feel comfortable and understood by their medical providers. LGBT individuals have specific health needs and concerns, and they can be at increased risk for a variety of conditions, including HIV/AIDS, different types of cancer, and mental health issues. It is essential that health care professionals are able to provide culturally competent care to our LGBT patients in order to eliminate these health disparities.

In my opinion, we need to make LGBT health a priority within academic medicine. We can do this by incorporating LGBT-focused material in our curricula, encouraging physician-scientists to conduct research specific to gender and sexual minorities, and ensuring that we are offering culturally competent care to all our patients. One strategy that we are pursuing at Weill Cornell is to actively foster a climate of inclusion for LGBT individuals through our Office of Faculty Diversity. We are also currently engaged in the process of making patient forms and medical records sensitive to LGBT patients and families.

I am proud that Weill Cornell already has a very welcoming and increasingly visible LGBT community. We have an LGBT website, steering committee, student group and lecture series, social events, and training for LGBT allies. With initiatives like these, we are moving ever closer to achieving greater equality, better health, and improved wellbeing for all members of the Weill Cornell family.

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